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Carefully Booking A Hotel For Tonight

Carefully Booking a hotel for tonight

Carefully Booking A Hotel For Tonight

Have you ever been in a situation where you just cannot find a Hotel for the night?  You have visions of sleeping in your car on the side of the road because the next town is 20 miles away, and that just isn’t going to work.  So how do  you book a room for the night, when no rooms are available?

Booking a Hotel can be as easy as calling a head of time , sometimes a day before you arrive, but as early as 8 hours.

Here are some pointers on how to Book a Hotel , carefully, for the night while you are traveling by car.

  • Find a Hotel Near You, which is the place you will be staying using the internet.

Finding hotels near you or where you are going to be in the next 8 hours is not as hard as one can imagine, you just have to think ahead, pinpoint your destination and decide when you want to stop for the night. This way you can call ahead, direct to the hotel front desk, and make arrangements.

  • Google Hotels

Using Google or Yelp (our favorite) is a great way to arrange for hotels in your path.  We like to use YELP because it is much more than a social media network that people leave reviews.  Using YELP you can find directions, get a phone number, and also, look at reviews. Many people we talk to are surprised when we mention YELP to find hotels, the mindset seems to be “oh that’s just a review site” – but it’s the best site for finding destinations in our opinion

  • Full Service Hotel Definition

If you are a full service type of traveler, this would be the first question you should ask when calling for a reservation.  A Full Service Hotel is one that provides room service because they have a restaurant as part of the hotel.  So you can order a late night snack, or breakfast delivered to your room.  Beware that some hotels do not have all night cooks, so you may not get a early morning snack, but you can always leave a message at the front desk for breakfast.

  • Front Desk Resources

What do you do when a hotel or two are booked, and you are heading toward that town? Little known facts are that most of the bigger hotels in towns (Marriott, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn etc) do checks with each other to determine the percentage of occupancy, the prices, the amount of check in’s not arrived and how many cancels.   Many times a hotel will have 2 or 3 cancels a night, and that’s good news for the weary traveler.  We recommend when talking to the front desk at a hotel you’d like to stay at, ask them if they are 100% occupied or if they are waiting on people to still check-in. Find out the time that they typically wait until they open up the room for another guest.

Booking a hotel

This should always be a top priority when traveling.  Make a habit of planning out a destination ahead of time, and start to book a hotel for the night while you are eating breakfast at the hotel you just stayed at. You can always use the resources of the hotel to check ahead for you as well. If you like to stay at Hampton Inn’s, just let the front desk know where you are heading and they will help you find a hotel at your next destination.

Do not  fret, even though you called 7 hotels in town, using the information in this article gives you a greater chance of booking a hotel right in the town you are staying.

The main key to booking a hotel for a destination is calling in plenty of time to ensure you are all set for the night. But if you cannot or forget to call ahead and find yourself in a bind, booking a hotel using the methods above, and talking about occupancy with the front desk clerk will certainly help you find a room.  Hotel front desk receptionists love to book all the rooms, and they loathe cancellations. So remember that when you are talking to them about getting a room.

Ask for Military, AARP, AAA or Senior Discounts while on the phone, not when you get there. They will make sure you get the discount if you tell them ahead of time.

We strongly recommend calling the hotels direct. If you use a 3rd party website, we can only recommend Trivago , because they are the best with the least amount of problems.

Booking a hotel, carefully, for tonight, should be a breeze, and we hope you follow our guidelines when you need a hotel tonight.



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