Visa Secrets; Cracking the Chaotic US Travel Visa Code


Cracking the Chaotic US Travel Visa Code – Avoid Mistakes

What is worse than missing an airplane, or losing your luggage? How about getting a visa that is not the right type for your travel plans? All the planning is now for nothing, as it takes days, weeks to get this problem corrected. Missing a plane or losing luggage is annoying but you can still get in your vacation, because there is travel insurance, but a wrong Visa is a nightmare.

The Most Requested US Travel Visas are as follows:
• Indian Visa
• Chinese Visa
• Russian Visa
• Brazilian Visa
• Vietnamese Visa
• Australian Visa
• Kenyan Visa
• Turkish Visa
• Myanmar Visa
• Ghanaian Visa

When you travel abroad, knowing your destination and what’s the political atmosphere in the area is very important. The State Department’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (ACS) are the administrators of the Consular Information Program. A duty to inform citizens of the United States of all the conditions that may affect safety and security during your trip. They provide Country Specific Information, Travel Alerts, and Travel Warnings, which are vital components when traveling away from the Unites States.

Never try and get a Travel Visa in another country to mend the issues you are having. Bad planning can cause a bunch of delays, headaches, and to be honest, they don’t really care.

If is very difficult to correct a bad travel visa nightmare on the go. You have to make appointments, contact the embassy and probably cause conflicts of interest in the country you are in with the embassy, and some are reluctant to process a travel visa for visitors to their country.

If you fall into this trap, which we hope this article helps you avoid these issues, another, albeit, risky way around it would be to go online and fill out forms with payment. If this isn’t risky enough, you need to wait on the postal mail service to get you the Travel Visa from the United States and now you are looking at a couple of weeks and you will need a updated passport to check into most hotels as well. So as you can see, research, knowing where you are going, not making detours along the way is very important in your foreign travels.

Researching travel visa requirements is an essential part of planning an international trip. It can take time when in the DIY Mode. We know of a great service, that is a bit more expensive than going direct to the government site but it will cut down hassles and keep you updated on everything you need to know about your travel visa.

Our team has been around the world, and some are former military who worked in embassy’s overseas. The importance of the right visa when traveling is, without saying, very important.

Another real-life example is a gentleman who we will call Phillip. Phillip learned the hard way that VISA applications online from a German website are on a first come first serve basis. He was traveling from Karachi Pakistan to Germany, as a US Citizen. He learned that getting there very early in the morning to get the limited “tokens” was the only way to get out of Karachi that day. Being a US Citizen and having a US Travel Visa only helps if you have the right one. This case happened to be a change in plans, which easily turns into a stress-full nightmare. Especially that during his two and half hour wait, he had guns pointed at him, and his children.

We strongly recommend doing the right research and getting the right US Travel Visa for any countries you consider visiting.

Don’t get stuck in a bad situation, in a foreign land. It’s not fun, and the American Embassy can only do so much.

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