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Top 3 Advantages For Group Discounts for Travel

Group Discount Ideas

Group discounts for travel

As we forge ahead towards summer, many friends and families are starting to plan group vacations and reunions. But anyone who has ever been in charge of putting together a group travel knows the process can be daunting and expensive. Gladly, there are ways to make group travel more affordable and streamline the process to a much easier plan. Whether you are trying to make reservations for airlines or cruises or tasked to arrange hotel accommodations, here are some tips to get good group discounts.


Most hotel online website usually has an online group booking form and a special desk that can handle booking for at least 10 rooms mostly at a good discount. However, if your travel group is smaller, it is still possible to work things out. For instance, I know of a small group that recently stayed at Hilton baton road capitol center that was able to secure a whooping discount of 15percent off the lowest offered rate for four nights. In this particular case, the group was booking less than 10 rooms, but after explaining the situation; that one of the guests was to be inducted into the Massachusetts athletic hall of fame nearby, the hotel was able to come up with a good deal.


Cruises can be said to be the most fantastic and easy trip for a group discount, simply because everything is available on the ship, so it is convenient. For cruise companies, a group is defined as at least eight staterooms or 16 adults, these are eligible to be rewarded with perks and discounts. On the Norwegian cruise line, for example, groups occupying eight rooms or more can get $30 to $50 off the total fare per person. This discount comes along with a certain number of amenities. Some of the group perks include cocktail parties or a $50 onboard perk for such things as drinks or spa treatments. Group availability can be limited, so make plans to reserve nine months to a year in advance; on the Norwegian cruise line, for instance, group discounts can appear 120 days before sailing.


Most major airlines have an online quote request form for groups more than 10 or more, some have a group reservation desk. The discount rate varies, that’s if you are lucky to get one at all. Jet blue for instance does not guarantee a discount, and if it did offer one, it’s for groups of 20 or more only. On the other hand, the American airlines offer 5 percent off fares published for groups of 10 or more. This comes along with a lowered group car rental rate from Avis. A reporter recently filled out online forms for an 11-person group at different airline flight carriers for an Orlando to New York trip. The fares were compared to that of a single individual on the websites of each airline. Deltas discounted round trip fare was $220 against $235 and for continental, the quote was $284 against $348.

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