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Travel Abroad Without A US Passport

Where Can I go without a US Passort

Where Can You Travel Abroad Without A US Passport

This question comes up quite often because the amount of places you can now visit without a U.S. Passport have become almost nill.

I recall Mexico was a great place to go, the Baja California part, and you did not need a U.S. Passport to enter Mexico through the border check points of the United States.  Now you cannot even enter Tijuana without a U.S. Passport.

So lets quickly cover the destinations you can visit, and believe me, you may want too.

  • Puerto Rico

You can easily reach this wonderful place with pretty inexpensive airfare.  Puerto Rico is still officially a part of the United States, although the government in Puerto Rico keeps it  unincorporated, but still a  territory of the United States.

Puerto Rico has been a favorite destination for many years for travelers from the US.

You can easily reach Puerto Rico using the major airlines; Spirit, Southwest, Jet Blue all have flights to Puerto Rico, and they are very inexpensive. Voted the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice in 2013, this beauty of an island in the Caribbean offers many excursions.  You can kayak on the bio luminescent bay and visit many white sand beaches.

One day the island of Puerto Rico may become the 51st state of the union.  Last recoreded, in 2012, 61% of Puerto Rico Voters were in favor of statehood.  Today, the number is about the same.  So hopefully, one day, we can invite Puerto Rico to the U.S. , not as a territory but as a state. How cool would that be?

Our Travel Abroad without a US Passport destination of choice

  • United States Virgin Islands

The main Islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John are some really fantastic and fun places to visit, and no U.S. Passport is needed.

There are smaller islands all around the area as well, if you want to venture off to one of them. Located just a hop, skip and jump from Puerto Rico by plane, the islands are as beautiful as you can imagine.

Each year the USVI receive about 2.6 million visitors  from the U.S. and naturally tourism (and a bunch of rum) is what makes up a majority of the islands economy.  It is safe to say that fantastic hotels and blue water awaits.

The islands all of their own appeal to tourists.  For example, St. John has a national parkland and is known for diving.  If you are a shopper, you need to hit up St. Thomas, the prices are excellent and it’s dominated by a countless variety of boutiques and jewelers. Oh, and don’t forget the 2 cruise terminals that St Thomas hosts.  If you want a great island for a honeymoon, then St. Croix will be your place to go. St Croix is dedicated to luxery seeking honeymooners and its Dutch-flavored atmosphere is also diverse.

You can find the best accommodations on every strip, from the Ritz-Carlton to Resorts such as the massive Caneel Bay. Or you can just hit up nice little hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.

So if you want tropic and variety, without a Passport, look into the United States Virgin Islands.

  • Northern Mariana Islands

These historical islands have been under the governments of many. Back in the last 16th century the Spanish Colonists and then during WWII the Japanese.   Now the United States governs the islands and that happened during the Battle of Saipan in 1944.

Tourism is the key to these islands, in which the locals rely heavily on.  With  Japan and Korea as well as the United States helping out.

Saipan is the largest island of the Mariana’s and for history buffs, this is a great place to travel.  War memorials and museums blanket the area and they some are free.

If you are a diver, then Saipan is a fantastic choice.  You can dive the Grotto which is a cavern made of limestone that goes down about 70 feet. Down there you will find sea turtles and reef sharks.   Taking a tour boat, or a rental to the nearby Managaha Island to see lagoons is amazing.

Hotels are few, but the islands do have the Hyatt and other four and five star accommodations on the island of Saipan.

  • Guam

The population of Guam is made up of two-thirds locals, and one-third US Military.  Like its neighbors ,  the Northern Marianas, Guam was colonized by the Spanish and it  changed hands during WWII.

Today it is a tourist destination for both US and Japanese tourists. Tourism is the biggest income for Guam and a close second is the US Military stationed on the island.

It’s a vivid island with beaches that are great for snorkeling and diving.  Some of the dives have visibility of up to 150 feet.

There is Two Lovers Point, which is a cliff-side lookout that offers panorama views 400 feet above the Philippine Sea.

If you want a flight to GUAM you will need to do your due diligence to find a cheap one, as they are rather expensive, but when you land, you will find accommodations that range from $99 a night to resorts in Tumon and Tamuning at around $200 per night. That’s a good deal for a resort, and Guam is a great place to put on your bucket list.

  • American Samoa

A collection of five islands, all volcanic from Fiji to the Cook Islands rounds out our final Passport Free Destination.

The American Samoa is truly a place on earth that is off the normal shipping and air traffic highways and byways.

Tutuila and a handful of neighboring islands in the region have a limited number of hotels and a very think tourist infrastructure.  If you look beyond the fast food joints, only a few distractions will remind you of home.

This is certainly a place to “get away” and enjoy the air.

You will find coral filled coastal waters with sculptured lave and beaches that are actually untouched. WOW! Now that’s something worth thinking about.   This area is very authentic, and has a highly Samoan culture that is undeniable.

There are bars in the village of Alega, and if you drop into Tisa’s Barefoot Bar for a drink and a meal, the chef will grill you fresh lobster just caught from the sea for you.  You can also end  your day and get a good nights rest in a traditional Samoan hut that is on the water.

Flights to the American Samoa are via Hawaiian Airlines and they fly in to Pago Pago.  Get ready to really relax and feel like you are millions of miles from home.

Can You Leave the US without a Passport

This is a great question, and really depends on where you are heading. The US will not allow you to leave the US if you are traveling to any country other than the ones shown above in this article.

It is always a good idea to obtain a passport and have it with you when you travel anywhere outside the 50 states.

Visiting any of these places will be something to remember forever, and the best part, you got it!!!  NO PASSPORT.  Stay as long as you want, and enjoy every second of it. Getting a US Passport is always a good idea, no matter where you are going.




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