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This Guide is not for the impromptu traveler, but for those who are looking for a fun, structure to guide them through a successful, non-stressful trip.,

We all love to travel, if we have the time, or if we make the time.  This Powerful Guide will help you in constructing a little checklist of pre-travel plans, especially if you are an Avid US Traveler.

Performing internet research about your destination can really help you in determining the fun things you don’t want to miss.  Nothing is worse than leaving a destination and finding out you missed a main attraction that you had no idea existed.

After you pick your destination, or destinations, always do the research online so you understand it well. Naturally beware of “tourist hype” , which is rather easy to do now-a-days, with social media rating just about everything from Travel Destinations to Apples.

In General, depending on the type of trip you are taking, check on social apps like YELP or Google + , and go from there.

Our family likes historical places, so naturally we researched those areas on not only the place we are visiting, but places along the way. Naturally this only works if you are traveling by auto.  We also like to eat, I mean who doesn’t, so we certainly checked on the top restaurants in the area we visited, long before we arrived.

If you like nightlife, that is very easy to check out as well.

Some other items of interest include:

  • Famous People who were born in the area
  • Where locals like to hang out
  • Where the tourists like to go
  • Why is this town or city special?
  • If you have children, local attractions
  • Areas that are photographic
  • Beaches, Mountains, in area

If you need to take a taxi, now more than ever, you really DO NOT need to worry about being ripped off because of the wars going on between UBER and LYFT and TAXI’s – we recommend taking a local cab because they are screened by the local police and they are local, and know the area They also are the best tour guides on the planet. Most UBER and LYFT Drivers come from out of town, especially in a tourist area, and they don’t know about the area. Spending a few extra dollars is worth it by hopping in a cab.  If you use the Taxi Driver not only as a form of transportation, but as a tour guide you certainly will get your money’s worth.  We found that taxi drivers love to brag about their town, and you will be amazed at some of the conversations and information you receive.

When staying at a Hotel ensure you inquire about any possible upcoming renovation. Most if not all hotels do not advertise remodeling of an entire floor, or the reception area, or restaurant and what can be more annoying than dust, noise and detours throughout the hotel when you are on vacation There is nothing wrong with asking the front desk before you reserve a room.

Other things you may want to ask the front desk:

  • Do they have pool, heated, outside?
  • Do they have room service, an in-house restaurant?
  • Are there nice attractions close by?
  • Do you have a non-smoking policy?
  • Is there a market?
  • Is there a spa bathtub?
  • Do you have a non-noise policy?
  • Do you have a fitness center, weights, treadmill?

These are simple things to ask any hotel before you make reservations. You can’t hold them to what they say over the phone, but you have the power of social media to praise or chew out now-a-days, so most hotel employees will ensure they answer properly.

Never be afraid to talk to the manager on duty as well, if you have any issues. If they are major issues you can get a room comp, or a discount on your stay, but be honest.

One of our favorite ideas we’ve learned over the years is to use the “bottled water cooler” water typically found in the fitness center.  Just use an ice bucket, and grab the good water from the cooler for your morning coffee.  You don’t need much, so it’s not going to empty the water cooler.

To travel is to feel free. Traveling is one of our favorite hobbies.  I hope this article helped you in planning your next trip and no matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure, this guide will help for US Traveling.

About the author: Terry is a long time travel agent and former military. He spent years traveling abroad and knows the world of travel, inside and out. If you are looking to work as a Travel Agent or need a great resource for how to work in travel  Click here for Terry’s recommended information package.


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