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Best US Affordable Destinations

Best Affordable US Travel Destinations

The United States has a whole heap of unforgettable travel destinations ranging from highly spirited cities to lovely outdoors. Whether you like pub crawling or hiking, there are always off-the-beaten-spots that you can always visit for your next States tour. These are the Best Affordable US Travel Destinations.

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Denver, Colorado

Affordable Destination

For love of the outdoors, Denver truly shines. Imagine lofty alpine summits towering over your horizon, it changes something in you for the better. The revitalizing economy is also the reason why Denver should be on top of your list. The revamped Union Station is simply pure fun with new developments like the impressive Ski Train that will take you directly from downtown to Winter Park. Alcohol lovers beware, there’s pub on every corner but with ample sunshine at hand, who’s there to blame you? For the most part, the Denver rocky mountain is a sure-fire win for adrenaline junkies with love for trekking or 4-wheeling. One of our Higher Altitude best affordable us travel destinations at around 1 mile high.



Ann Arbor, Michigan

Affordable Destinations

This underrated travel gem sports picturesque streets that are home to a fun cocktail of bars, theaters, art museums and restaurants. This is also the home of the University of Michigan Museum of Art sporting 18,000 works of art, see that in one day and it’ll definitely make your head spin. Or perhaps go outdoors at the splendid Nichols Arboretum, a 123-acre site where you can see breathtaking sceneries or take a romantic stroll along the winding Huron River. A travelago favorite for the Best US Travel Destination.



Gulf Shores, Alabama

Best Affordable US Travel Destinations

Affordable Destination

This fascinating resort town sits on top of the Gulf of Mexico, basically getting you wet in no time. There is a sunken freighter for the scuba divers to explore or simply enjoy the massive artificial reef in the area. If you love water fun, this is the perfect destination. The sea wildlife is superb but you can always get dry and explore the historic grounds of Fort Morgan or visit the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.



Las Vegas, Nevada

Best Affordable US Travel Destinations

Affordable Destination

Perhaps this is the city that’ll make you lose your inhibitions, otherwise it’s just a plain good ol’ late night outs hub. Finding hotels and motel rooms in Las Vegas is super easy so if you have some late vacation plans, going to Las Vegas won’t set you back money-wise or time-wise. Las Vegas is perfect for those looking for the best restaurant experience in the States such as Chef Rainer Becker’s modern Japanese-themed restaurant sporting super delicious dishes like spider rolls filled with soft shell crab and sake-glazed chicken wings. The newly opened Zuma at the Cosmopolitan will also satisfy your meticulous palate.



Western Washington

Affordable Destination

This travel spot is made famous by the TV drama Twin Peaks. Its allure are the misty mountains and evergreen forests that’ll simply cast you a spell. For the screen junkies, you’ll love the filming locations in the small towns of Snoqualmie and North Bend. As for those looking for closer experience with nature, the beautiful Mt Rainier National Park or the farm-to-table restaurants of the San Juan Islands will definitely keep you delighted.



Atlanta, Georgia

Affordable Destination

This is known as the Hollywood of the South thanks to popular TV shows such as the Atlanta and The Walking Dead. The metropolis is so alive but amid the traffic and sea of people, you can always find a cool brew pub or innovative restaurants. One of the Best US Travel Destination cities you will find.

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