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Best Sim Card For Foreign Travel To The US

What is the best sim card for us travel

What is considered the Best Sim Card For Foreign Travel To The US?

Want to save a ton of money? Using a sim card while traveling in the USA for your cell phone with a US Number can be a real money saver.

So what is the best usa prepaid sim card for tourists?

We’ve researched the most popular networks and best cell reach for the best money for our foreign travelers to the USA.  Grabbing a SIM Card from AT&T seems to be the consensus by our investigation.

AT&T has the best reviews and covers the widest areas to include the following attributes:

  • Without a doubt, it is the most widely used SIM in the US
  • The AT&T sim card is  Reliable, Fast Data and Good-Coverage Network
  • Very important is it has the best compatibility with foreign phones
  • Pricing is very cheap and are as follows for Calls , SMS and Data
    • USD $30 – no data
    • USD $45 option gives 6GB data
    • USD $65 option gives 22GB data (capped at 3Mbps/no tethering)
  • The  USD $45 & $65 plan have free roaming in Mexico and Canada. But they do not provide hotspots in these areas.

There are a few CONS to this sim card choice:

  • AT&T has removed the ability  to tether on all their prepaid phone plans.  This means no hotspotting or tethering , which means you will have to use data on your plan, all the time. As of this article, we know AT&T are looking into options to reinstate hotspots and tethering on sim cards for foreign travelers to the US.
  • As of now, any International calls are not included in the package. But a Call Back for $5 will give you 25o minutes of talk time to international lines. You can add this feature into the portal but only after you arrive in the US .
  • Activation of the sim card does take a few steps, and are instructed in various languages. But you know as well as we know, sometimes language barriers can lead to misunderstandings, so again, we suggest taking the Sim Card to a local AT&T Store to properly activate your phone. Some activation fees may be applied, but it is worth it.

AT&T prepaid SIMs come in all sizes, to cover the iPhone family along with Androids phones
– The Nano SIM  is the most common and used in the iPhone 5 or later. 
  – The Micro SIM fits the iPhone 4 and 4S and some of the Android Phones
– The Standard/Mini SIM (the largest of the 3) are used for some Android Phones and older phone models.

Ensure you check with your phone provider to find which sim card is the right fit for your phone. 

If you want to use the the fastest and easiest network in the United States to be accessed by international phones then this is certainly your choice.

To activate the phone sim card, you must follow directions. If you are having a hard time activating the sim card , you can always go to one of the many AT&T Stores found throughout the country and they will certainly help you get it up and running properly.

Once up and running, we strongly suggest a few apps you can use to find the best restaurants, entertainment, bars and attractions.

One of our favorite apps in the USA for information you can use and reviews is YELP. Yelp can find the closest business you are looking for, gives the hours of operation (or if its closed) , directions and reviews. As always, the reviews you want to look at closely and get the overall consensus of the business. Naturally some reviews are done to undermine competition, and they are usually easy to spot.

Google Maps is a great app and works great in the United States. For Travel there is none better. It will give you satellite imagery as well, so you can spot the area you are in easily and pinpoint the destination.  It will adjust for time of arrival based on traffic in the area as well. What it does not do too well is give you alternate routes, that is where an app call WAVE comes in. WAZE is great if you are traveling far and hit traffic, it will take you on alternate routes, and give you traffic hazards, police in area, and even bad weather along your route. WAZE is 100% social media based, which means all the hazards reported are reported from travelers in front of you, so its not 100% accurate, but it does the job.

We hope this article helps you get your communications up and running in the US and the AT&T sim card works well for you while visiting. It is certainly considered the best SIM Card for US Travel. 


AT&T Wireless 3G / 4G / LTE Sim Card – Postpaid /Go Phone Prepaid – SKU 40952 ATT SIM

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