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US Citizen Travel Warnings – What should you know

It’s almost impossible to write an article on updated travel warnings for US Citizens for traveling abroad, so what this article will help you with is ideas and common sense things you can do while traveling outside the United States, and some good information websites on current areas you may want to stay away from.

Since the mid 1970’s, places like Iran and Iraq have been a place that is basically off limits for US Citizens that are not familiar with the area. Back in 1970 I recall IRAN and IRAQ being great places to travel, beaches, bazaars, bargaining with merchants, good food, good times. Even the universities were rocking. But as time moves farther away from the 70’s, and wars have become common place in the middle east, obviously these are two countries you may want to stay away from, unless you are a duel citizen and traveling (but don’t expect to return to the US quickly, as of now the immigration laws are rough)

Lets move on……..


It’s funny, I write this as an american citizen whom, knowing our culture rather well, we like to bring that with us to places like Europe and Asia. My strong suggestion is “DO NOT” – the best thing anyone can do is learn the culture of the country you are in, and it’s very easy to do. Just observe while you are enjoying your trip.  Do not be LOUD (a NO-NO in almost any culture) and try not to be obnoxious, you will get no where.  I remember spending 2 years on the isle of CRETE and the one thing I noticed is that I was not in Kansas anymore.

My personality is pretty mellow to begin with, and that served me well while hanging out in Crete.  I knew I’d be there a while, so I learned as much as I could about the culture. I did notice that most visitors who came to Crete were rookies, or newbies to travel, meaning, they acted like they were still in their hometown.

Be humble, be real and keep on the down low, that is my suggestion when visiting another country. I am sure that goes for life in general, but it goes a long way in a foreign land. You can learn a lot by observing, and by being smart. If you can find  a “local” friend, that  is the fast track to learning the area, and really enjoying your visit.


There is a handful of counties and places that have strong advisory’s and they seem to never change.  Most of these places are for those who have to go for business, no family I know would visit these places.  It’s sad really, but it is what it is.

You can visit for all the current alert warnings for worldwide travel for US Citizens.

There are also local weather warnings of places you may not want to visit, in the United States and Abroad. The website covers just about everything you need to know before you travel.


If you are traveling for business to the Middle East or other countries where high drug trafficking is going down, just be careful and remain inconspicuous.  For some of us, it’s hard to hide the fact that you are American, but sometimes its as easy as what you wear, how you walk, and even how you eat.  I am not saying to change your personality or lifestyle, I am saying to be smart IF you have to travel to one of the countries currently under warning. Remember, being humble, low key and observation is the key, and find a local you can trust. Most of the time  they will be business contacts in the local area, and that is the best case scenario.

Take heed if you are traveling to areas that are under warning, but don’t be nervous, just go with the flow.

Take US Travel Warnings seriously and be knowledgeable before you go.






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