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US Travel Advisory To Mexico

US Travel Advisory To Mexico
U.S. Citizens Missing

US Travel Advisory To Mexico

Above is a picture of an American Citizens Vehicle , with no sign of them.  They were no where to be found, their car was hijacked and who knows what happened to them!

There are certain parts of Mexico that U.S. Citizens should avoid according to  The U.S. Department of State due to the activities of criminal organizations in those areas.

In recent years, U.S. citizens have been the victims of various crimes, some violent to include homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery in various locations throughout Mexico.

U.S Department of State has recent information that gun battles between rival criminal organizations and the cartel are very high and have taken place right in the streets in broad daylight with Mexican authorities.  Although the Mexican government has dedicated  substantial resources to protect visitors in  major tourist destinations, there is an abundance of  counter criminal organizations that traffic narcotics and other unlawful activities in these Tourist cities.

The evidence shows that these criminal gangs do not target U.S. Citizens based on nationality, but this author believes that there is a very strong possibly that Mexican gangs (and some police) profile Americans for the simple fact that Americans travel with money.

Some Reasons For The State Department Issuing US Travel Advisory to Mexico.


Many Kidnappings occur in Mexico in the following forms:

  • Traditional: victim is physically abducted and held captive until a ransom is paid for release.
  • Express: victim is abducted for a short time and commonly forced to withdraw money, usually from an ATM, then released. This happens even with the local police.
  • Virtual: an extortion-by-deception scheme where a victim is contacted by phone and coerced by threats of violence to provide phone numbers of family and friends, and then isolated until the ransom is paid. Recently, hotel guests have been targets of such “virtual” kidnapping schemes.

 Murder and Car Jacking

Some U.S.  Citizens have been murdered in carjacking and highway robberies.  This typically happens at night and on isolated roads to and from towns in Mexico.   Indications show that the normal target are newer cars that are larger vehicles. But Buses and Old Sedans coming from the United States are also a target of car jackers.

Baja California

Typically, most U.S. citizens visit Baja California. There are warnings for this region. Mostly because of the Criminal Organizations.

Baja California (includes Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, Tecate, and Mexicali):  U.S. State Department issues warnings and requests you to exercise caution in the northern state of Baja California, particularly at night.

The  Baja State Secretariat for Public Security has noted that they hae  experienced an increase in homicide rates and are rising every year.  Most of the homicides are turf battles between gangs, but that does not protect any U.S. citizen from being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  Bystanders have been injured or killed.

Baja California Sur (includes Cabo San Lucas and La Paz):  This is another area that the State Department has issued warnings and to exercise extreme caution , especially in the state capital of La Paz.  The Baja California Sur area continues to experience a high rate of homicides. Most of the homicides happen in the State Capital of La Paz, and again, between rival gangs.

Other areas of Mexico for travel advisories can be found at the State Department site by clicking here.

Now a days, to travel to Mexico can be dangerous, and I don’t know about the reader, but as far as this author is concerned, I would not be able to enjoy myself knowing I could be in the middle of a gang war at any given time.

Until Mexico gets rid of the Cartel and the many criminal organizations, this will not be a place I will visit. Although I visited Mexico in the past, via a Cruise, or just going over the border into Tijuana  from San Ysidro to get some Street Tacos and have some night life, today, I would not even consider it.

Some of the most common questions about Mexican Cities are found below.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe From Drug Cartels?

We get this question now and then, and right now, as of May 2017 the answer if yes. But it can turn at any moment. Drug Cartels typically stay in certain cities, but when they need to move, they will go to any city in Mexico.  You should check the current State Departments warnings, if any, on Cabo San Lucas.

Is Cancun Safe from Drug Cartel?

Yes, as of right now Cancun is considered safe for tourism. It is one of those cities that are kept safe and watched closely because of the amount of tourism peso’s the city brings into Mexico.

There are some places that are safe, and it seems most of the violence is centered in Bigger Cities and the Capital of Baja California, so if you are adventurous enough, you can click the website above and find out which areas have no warnings, but for me, if the boat is sinking, it’s all going to sink.

Be careful and cautious when traveling to Mexico and watch out for those situations you can find yourself in at any given moment. This article should help if you take heed to it’s content.


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